My passion for business introduced me to photography on the day I purchased a photography franchise store and began running my own business. Up till then I had been an accountant, desperately unhappy with working in that field, so I was looking for a change, and a creative outlet.

Without any prior experience I started running the business and looking at the systems and procedures from the standpoint of an accountant, but an accountant that knew that the numbers reflected the success of the business, and the success of the business was dependent on the enjoyment and satisfaction of our clients. So I turned our business into a place where clients could come and have a Photographic Experience that left them overwhelmed with love and gratitude towards us for what we had allowed them to see in themselves and each other.

I didn’t know at the time that we were operating differently to every other franchise store, or any other photographic business for that matter. Only when people started asking how we were booked on the hour every hour, 7 days a week, 360 days a year, did I start to become aware that we were not like every other photography studio. The business grew to be so successful that we had to open 2 other studios to handle the overflow, and we were making around $100,000 a month at each store at that time.

Other franchisees started begging me to coach them and slowly I started doing that until my first born came along and we decided to sell the business so that I could take up coaching full time. I had realised that my passion was in showing photographers around the world what is also possible for them, and in doing so, allow more people in the world the opportunity to also have a Photographic Experience that brings love and joy and happiness to their lives.

Seeing a photographer go from barely making enough to survive, to making an average of $2000+ sales with more clients than they can handle on their own, now that… that is the biggest reward I could ever get in life. My passion is now building a community of photographers worldwide whose sole focus is on service and bringing more love and happiness into their clients’ lives. Teaching people how to be rewarded for giving so much value to the world, that is why I do this, and I want so much to share this with as many people who are looking for a positive change as possible.

Be magical and creative, and be valued, because you are worth your weight in gold and I can’t wait to help you discover that.

Words can’t quite express what it’s like working with a person like Steve Saporito. From the moment I met him at a business workshop in Denver, CO., my life began to take a change in a direction I had never dreamed of. For the longest time I thought I was being an artist by following my heart, listening to others, and surviving as a photographer. Steve has redefined how I look at my craft – and he’s done this by really listening to me, while seeing beyond the boundaries I created for myself. Before I was just taking pictures and selling photography packages. I thought I was happy with what I was offering and doing in my photography business. Now I see the value in the personal experience I’m giving to each of my clients. Now I see the value in actually creating art for the people who come to me. Now I see the value in listening to others and actually helping them understand what is best for them, while breaking down their own personal barriers. For the longest time I was creating boundaries for my clients, for my craft, and for myself. And the best part? I’m not even selling anything anymore. I used to cringe at feeling like I needed to up-sell or even close a business meeting. Now I’m just having an honest discussion with every person who walks into my door.

Ben Chernivsky Weddings, Chicago, USA

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“HUGE thanks to you both for pushing, stretching, and molding my thoughts and goals this year. I am guilty of so many of the mistakes you talk about, and am truly thankful for all of your wisdom. I am bound and determined to stop getting in my own way and start adding value to every person I meet“

Claire Claire Beeler Photography - Phoenix, USA

“Thank you Kelly Vanyai & Steve Saporito for providing us with such an incredible platform to take forward – your commitment to Thrive has been outstanding and we are blessed to have had the privilege of your amazing insights, knowledge & friendship – thank you“

Brett Creatography - Melbourne, Australia

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