If you love helping people in any way that you can, so long as it make their life easier, and if you get joy from making that contribution to their lives and to their happiness, then you will understand when I say that all I have ever wanted to do was to be of service to the world by bringing happiness to everyone. Not in a superficial way, but in a deep and lasting way. My desire was, and still is, to help you by heightening your awareness of your own worth. By doing this you unlock your potential for transformation. This passion for allowing people to see their own beauty and worth was what inspired me to become a photographer.

Its a simple pleasure, and one that many wouldn’t understand, but I get such a kick out of seeing you awaken to your true potential. Whether that involves showing you your true beauty through a photograph, or through helping you discover your inner power through our mentoring, I am very driven to allow you to become fully self expressed in the most loving way you can express yourself. Isn’t that what photography is about at the end of the day? What any form of art is about? Self expression? How can you create magic if you are unaware of the beautiful voice that is trapped or smothered inside you? To some degree you have access to that voice, and you allow it to sing and express as often as it can, but what if I were to tell you that you have only scratched the surface… that you voice is still hampered by invisible ropes that tie it down, keep it in place, and prevent you from really spreading your wings to fly… would you believe me? You know that feeling inside of you that longs for someone to hear you, the little voice that hopes and prays that, through your photography, you will receive the feedback to prove once and for all that the talents you secretly believe you have, are indeed real that everyone can see them. To some degree, if you are looking forward to the day that it feels safe to come out into the light and shine, then you have found your sanctuary.

People everywhere, including you, amaze and inspire me, and to make a difference in your life is something I am very passionate about. Seeing your deep desires and dreams being fulfilled, literally moves me to tears. If you were to sit with me watching The Voice, you would see just how true that is lol. The moment someone with a gift has their dream realised, that instance where they feel the relief and elation explode inside them, I burst into tears of joy. There is nothing more important to me than you getting a chance to live your dreams, and that is why I became a coach. I have been through my fair share of negative experiences in life, and my mindset was not always so positive, which is why I am so convinced that suffering and sadness is a choice, because I was choosing it, and I choose it no more.

I see your greatness, I see your dreams. I desire nothing more than to help you achieve both. My role is to support you so that you come to believe in yourself the way I believe in you. You are a magical creator who can bring love, light and laughter to the world through your photography. The world needs your gifts, and I am here to ensure that they are enjoyed by many.

Let me help you discover your true potential. Help me help you bring joy and happiness to the lives of your photographic clients. Our community at InTuition To Succeed is made up of like minded photographers who have been searching for a way to give more value and more happiness to their clients’ lives. The community is made up of pioneers, opening their arms to the way of the future before the rest of the world. It is the way of love and completeness. If you would like to find a way to turn the creativity in your heart into a thriving and successful business, then it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you there. Until now, there has been no way to share with you Steve Saporito’s methods. So we created InTuition To Succeed, a place where we can share all of our mentoring and training classes on video, and a place where our community of photographers worldwide can go to access a new way of thinking for a brighter future.

It is because of Steve that I was able to find great success in an industry that, I have since learned, struggles to be profitable. I never knew a different way, I was trained by Steve right from the beginning of my career, so it wasn’t until I began working with him as a coach, that I was exposed to the negativity and hopelessness prevalent in the wider photographic community. I am here to part the clouds of confusion and despair, and offer you a ray of sunshine.

If you crave some positivity and to spend time around like minded creatives with an abundant mindset, then we invite you into our community so that we can share and support you in your growth and journey. Through you, my aim is to provide the world with the amazing opportunity of a Photographic Experience, so they can feel the love and validation they’ve been seeking their entire lives. Through you, my aim is to bring light and happiness to the world. Through you, I hope to change the world, one photographer at a time. Your purpose and your gifts are needed, now. Take action towards your goals and your purpose today.

Kelly is the whole package – beautiful, intelligent, funny, authentic. She keeps you engaged with her honest vulnerability. She listens well, makes you feel comfortable, and has the uncanny knack of turning a troublesome situation into a positive challenge. Kelly is genuine and everything she does feels truly heartfelt. She is good at celebrating accomplishments as well as creatively guiding you to become better. All in all, Kelly is a wonderful person to share life with and to have alongside you in this life journey.

Suzi A Love Worth Telling, Chicago, USA

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