InTuition To Succeed - Terms & Conditions


Duration of membership:

Your minimum term is 1 calendar month for monthly memberships and 12 calendar months for yearly memberships.


Your membership will automatically continue and be renewed on the same date each month for monthly memberships, or each year on the same date for yearly memberships unless you request to cancel in writing via email to


Cancellation requests received after the start of the billing cycle will be processed to disable your membership access at the end of that billing cycle and your membership access will remain active until that date.



Monthly Debits:
Your first monthly payment will occur immediately as you sign up, and all subsequent payments will be processed on that same date each month.


Upfront Debits:

A deposit of your yearly membership will occur immediately as you sign up. Your next yearly payment will occur 12 month later.


Failed payments will result in your membership access being disabled until payment is able to be processed effectively. It is up to you to ensure that all contact and payment details are up to date to prevent any missed payments. Please visit the Customer Center to update your Credit Card on file as you receive a new one to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of your membership access.



All payments made by Australian citizens attract goods and services tax (GST). Your fees will change in line with any government GST rate changes, even if you are within your minimum term.


GST is added on top of the monthly USD membership amount.


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by emailing us at and providing us with 1 month’s notice. Cancellation requests received after the start of the billing cycle will be processed to disable your membership access at the end of that billing cycle and your membership access will remain active until that date.


All account cancellations remove add-ons and previous price-lock guarantee.


What happens if I cancel my membership and then decide to rejoin?

Rejoining after cancelling your account is the same as joining as a new member. Any special discounts, previous price-lock guarantee and add-ons you may have had in the past will not be restored.


Can I Freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership at any time for a maximum of 3 months per calendar year. Doing so will result in temporary access removal of your membership benefits and content and will extend your minimum term by the same time period as the freeze period. All freezes begin on the next Monthly billing cycle.


How much does Freezing my membership cost?

Freezing your membership incurres no charge. We do not backdate freezes.


How do I Freeze my membership?

You can request to freeze your membership by emailing us at


Your Privacy:

All contact information that you share with us will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone else unless it is some sort of referral with your permission.


Information about progress, financial situations and successes which are discussed over Email, Phone or by person will be kept confidential unless used for promotional reasons with your permission.


Allowing us to share your wins:

We reserve the right to share your wins that were the result of our program for positive promotional reasons as testimonials from content posted in the C4 group or communicated via email or private message via our Social Media accounts, business website and printed media of any form. We will only mention your first name in testimonials unless written consent is given to disclose your full name or any other information.


Allowing us to use your image:

We sometimes take photographs or film at our events for promotional use on our social media business accounts and website. We will not share any personal business information, only your first name if applicable. By accepting your membership, you allow us to use your image in promotional and other business-related material.


Written testimonials supplied by you will also be used for promotional use and other business-related material on and offline as well as on printed media, as stated above.


Product Delivery:


Gold Membership Inclusions & Interaction:

Gold membership provides access to the Thrive Pro 24 video course library as well as an open Facebook group ‘C3 - Communicate Create Celebrate’ only where they can celebrate their success and interact with other members. More detailed interaction is available by upgrading to Platinum.


Platinum Membership Inclusions & Interaction:

Platinum membership inclusions provide you with personal interaction from Steve Saporito and Kelly Vanyai via the Monthly Platinum Q&A webinars and the C4 forum on Facebook only. One on one private messaging or email support is only available at the Diamond level but can be purchased for $750USD per hour should you need more contact or advice than those methods can provide.


Other one on one interaction is available in intimate workshops of around 15-20 people which are held around the globe throughout the year for an additional cost to your membership fee. These allow you to spend a minimum of 3 days at a time learning one on one in a group setting from Steve and Kelly.


The online membership is designed to be a self fulfillment program with access to a community of photographers who have also been through the training who can offer support and guidance, as well as intermittent interaction from Steve and Kelly in the forum to help you better understand and implement the concepts taught in the membership video content. Interaction in C4 by Steve and Kelly is not guaranteed on a regular basis but is provided as often as possible. Personal responses from Steve or Kelly to your posts in C4 will be provided if possible but is not a guaranteed inclusion in your membership fee - merely a bonus that is provided where possible.


Closed Facebook Group - ‘C4’

Platinum members have full access to the C4 closed Facebook group which is only available to good standing paying Platinum members. This page allows you to ask questions and both give and receive support to and from other members in a positive manner. Posted content and advice given by other members on this closed Facebook page is not our responsibility.


Access to C4 is at the discretion of Steve and Kelly. Members who do not comply with the codes of conduct below may be subject to removal from C4 at Steve and Kelly’s discretion. Platinum membership access will not be revoked nor fees refunded in the event of C4 forum removal. Q&A access will continue as will access to the videos as provided in the


Webinars & Q&A Calls

All webinars and Q&A calls are presented online via a 3rd party webinar presentation application. Registration via links provided in emails is the responsibility of each member. Platinum Q&A calls are recorded and uploaded to the membership website for Platinum members to watch at any time.



InTuition To Succeed Pty Ltd, Steve Saporito and Kelly Vanyai are not responsible for how you implement the information provided within the membership or their training content into your business or your life. Information can only be provided with the best intention but it is ultimately up to you make the changes necessary to your approach and your business in order to receive the results advertised as possible.


By purchasing your membership you agree to take on the responsibility of implementing and producing the results in your own business. You agree to not hold Steve Saporito or Kelly Vanyai personally responsible for your own outcomes, or InTuition To Succeed PTY LTD as a whole responsible for any outcomes you may receive as a result of you implementing the information other than it is described or intended.


Individual results may vary and no guarantee is given that you will receive the results expected by Steve or Kelly. Results will be experienced to varying levels by each individual member. The more time you take to watch the videos and understand the content for your own benefit the better the results you can expect to experience, on the condition that the implementation occurs as required to produce these results.


Each individual member’s own circumstance or life style conditions may effect the results and as such InTuition To Succeed PTY LTD, Steve Saporito and Kelly Vanyai take no responsiblity for your personal results or experience while implementing the strategies and techniques described in any training provided under the InTuition To Succeed banner.



We reserve the right to change the schedule for webinars or conferences if need be such as Platinum Q&A and other live events. We will provide you at least 24 hours notice for webinars via email and 1 weeks notice for live events via email with what we have on file.  If you can’t make it to an online event, you will have access to the recording usually within 5-7 working days.


Missing an Event

There are no refunds or credits if you miss a live Q&A event, however we will do our best to keep you informed of time changes or when recordings are available online.


What if I need some help?

Our members support team is available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6:30pm AEST via and you can expect a reply within 2 working days.


What can I expect from the support team?

Our support team is located in Australia as well as offshore offices. Your first email will reach our general support team to handle general enquiries about billing, access enquiries, event details and general technical difficulties.

For general technical enquires, if the enquiry was not resolved the situation would then be escalated to our support technical team who will resolve the situation as fast as possible


Membership Code of conduct:

  1. You and your organisation must respect all opinions, beliefs, privacy, past and current situations of other members. This includes within workshops, webinars, email, forums and closed member’s Facebook groups.


  1. Your results are your responsibility. Ourselves or our staff are not here to keep you accountable for your productivity, choices or results. Your results will vary on your personal commitment, decisions and intentions with the new knowledge, skills and resources that we provide within the program. We are not responsible for any maintenance required for any implemented technology recommended by us but we are here to direct and support you through the process.


  1. What happens in the room, stays in the room. All conversations during conferences are kept private and confidential to protect yours and other members businesses.


  1. The Closed Member’s Facebook Group ‘C4’, and the open community Facebook Group ‘C3 - Communicate Create Celebrate’, are designed for support, updates and referrals. Any spam, harassment, disrespect or breach of privacy of other members will result in breaking the Membership Code and could result in your removal from the group, as will promotion of your own personal ideas that differ from those being taught by InTuition To Succeed.


  1. All of the skills gained from this program must be used for good intentions by improving other people's lives in any way without manipulation, dodgy sales techniques or harmful intentions.\


  1. Any member found to be communicating with members outside of the membership in order to discredit the information taught by InTuition To Succeed will be subject to immediate removal with no refund.


  1. Any member attempting to provide information that directly contradicts the information being taught by InTuition To Succeed will also be subject to immediate removal with no refund.


  1. We reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately at any time without notice if The Code has been broken. This is to ensure that the program is used with the greatest intentions of improving yourself, your business and the community as a collective.


Our values:


All questions and opinions by other members must be respected.


By purchasing this membership you hereby acknowledge that:


I know that Steve and Kelly will continue to support me as an ‘insider’ with updates, tools and templates as long as i’m a member in good standing.


I promise that I will use what Steve and Kelly teach me with integrity and good intentions.


I understand that this program will give me results based on my efforts, willingness to ask for help and taking action. The methods that Steve and Kelly teach are proven to be successful only when implemented exactly as described and I can not expect Steve and Kelly to be responsible for my external factors that may unfortunately happen in my business and life in general. My results are directly related to the effort I choose to put in and how well I understand and implement the content provided.


I understand that once my first payment has been successfully processed, logins and any other material promised may take up to 24 hours to deliver.


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